Types of Smart Cards

Types of Smart Cards

Smart cards are increasingly being used a number of advantages to their magnetic counterparts, such as price, safety and processing power. Smart cards can be of different, smart identity card, sizes, the size of a credit card, and even as small as prepaid cards for mobile phones. They also come in different functions, so here is a quick guide to the most popular cards based on smart cards market.Microprocessor considerably more space than the cards, which do not have a microprocessor and safety data on these is much higher than any other storage device.

Microprocessor based on different cards, which are available, smart identity card, today is the 8-bit microprocessor and 512 bytes of RAM and 16KB ROM. In addition, some of these cards also use encryption to ensure a digital identity. Each of these cards have, smart identity card, their own operating system, which manages the data and give the card to several functional.Memory smart cards are used in applications where a fixed-card office. This type of card requires the card reader to manipulate data stored on the card.

These cards communicate with card reader for some synchronized protocols. In the absence of the chip card is not computing power or the ability to manage data stored on them. Based on the memory card seems to use prepaid phone cards cards.Smart how classified information is read and written to them. Cards can be categorized as follows: Please contact smart cards – These are so called because they are connected to the card reader. Contact smart cards are credit card-sized microprocessor and memory.

These cards are commonly used in network protection, cash and card control.Contactless – As the name suggests, these cards do not come in direct contact with the card. Instead, it has built-in antenna card, which, smart identity card, is used to communicate with the card reader to read and write to card. FOF use a contactless card parking permit, student card, smart cards and electronic passports.Combi – These are a combination of smart cards and contact cards, which can be read or a contactless card reader.

These cards are not used, such as the sale of passes, access control and network cards security.Proximity – This type of smart cards is contacatless and use the built-in antenna. The difference is that contactless cards are read-only and the information, smart identity card, stored on them can not be manipulated. Cards of this type are primarily used in the safety and access cards control.Hybrid – These are the only cards, which have more than two technologies are combined card. Use the two technologies, referred to the chip that many applications require a dual role.

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