VISA ‘mobile payments’ trail is starting, pay with your cell phone

VISA ‘mobile payments’ trail is starting, pay with your cell phone


Cell phone payments are now BIG BIZ around the globe and starting in the US. The first DGC to partner with them and offer pay-by-cell withdrawals from a DGC account will win big.

Mobile Visa Wave uses the latest in communications technology known as Near Field Communications (NFC) which operates over a distance of typically a few centimeters.

Mobile Visa Wave payments are made using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Inside your Visa Wave-enabled mobile phone is a secure chip and thin copper wire. The copper wire acts as an antenna, transferring payment information quickly and securely to a reader connected to the merchant’s terminal. Using the latest in cryptography, security and smart card technology, Mobile Visa Wave payments are highly secure.


The ‘contactless’ feature on your Visa Wave-enabled mobile phone is already activated. This means that you can use your phone immediately at all merchant locations displaying the distinctive Visa Wave signage. Just wave, pay and go.

Mobile Visa Wave is currently being piloted in Malaysia in collaboration with Maybank, Maxis and Nokia. The pilot Maybankard Visa Wave-enabled phone is two products in one. It operates as a standard mobile phone connected to the Maxis network and can be used to wave and pay wherever a Visa Wave sign is displayed. Cardholders selected for the pilot will be issued a phone pre-programmed with their regular Maybankard Visa Wave card information.


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