Martial Law, Text Based RPG For The Elite!

Martial Law, Text Based RPG For The Elite!

Hello again readers! Wanted to update you on a new and developing text based RPG that will blow your mind! Martial Law has so many unique features that I just had to write a review and let you in on the secrets! When you first join Martial Law you may be a bit confused and overwhelmed because of how much content this game brings you! Not to fear, My trusty friend and creator of Martial Law “Matt” has a help guide to get you going! CLICK TO READ HELP GUIDE This guide has pretty much anything you need to know to get started and if you have any questions after that, everyone in the message boards are so very welcome to help any new players out! Let’s get down to the content. When you first sign up, you are asked to choose a username and password like any standard login site, after choosing desired name and pass you are brought to a new screen where you get to name your “Martial” and choose your gender/class!

Then you are ready to play! You can enter town and look through various things to do, such as gamble for cash using chips, head to the shopkeeper to pick up some of the latest and greatest gear, ask someone to trade if you have valuables that they want, pop into the underground and buy “land” from other players, head over to the shady market to buy “runes” (you will discover what these are and the uses for them once you join), take a jaunt down to the apothecary and get some useful charms, and so much more! Then we get to the labyrinth. This is where most of the xp gaining and leveling comes into play. You will do quests throughout the labyrinth for money and slay a variety of monsters for gear and xp. You then get to choose whether you want to be good or evil and can bury their bones or desecrate them for points towards your faction!

You can also have some fun player vs player wars in the labyrinth to gain larger xp bonuses!! There is a Fitness Center to workout in daily to gain str, speed, endurance, and resistance, Also a hospital to heal your wounds or bring you back to life after a hard day(or possibly minute) of fighting! The stock market is also available to play and can be a very strategic way to build up funds. There are many “game secrets” as well. Everyone keeps these pretty hidden so you will have to discover these on your own, but once you do… they can reap great rewards! There is so much more to do in Martial Law! You will just have to click around and see what there is to see!! Keep in mind this is a new game and many more features and updates will be happening. They have a very proficient staff that is immediately at work to fix a bug or help someone with a problem. I hope to see you in-game!

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