Month: April 2006 DNS Privacy Breach, DNS Spoofing Exposure, and ISP Monitoring Vulnerability

Advisory ID: FN15398 Release Date: 2006-04-17 Last Update: 2006-04-17 Critical: Extremely critical Impact: Website locations visited are viewable by users on local wireless connection, local network, and ISP. User is exposed to possible local/ISP DNS spoofing. Internet sites accessed easily monitored by ISP operating DNS server. Where: From localnetwork, and from remote servers. Solution Status: Continue Reading

New Phoenix 2006 Silver Rounds/Disks Available “Very nice items” & 100oz Bars Soon!!

Phoenix Dollars are physical 1oz disks that are used for transactions between private parties who wish to buy and sell products and services offline. The Phoenix Dollars are weight denominated and fluctuate based on the market rate of silver. Currently we have round one ounce silver dollars .999 fine in any quantity. The Phoenix Dollars Continue Reading