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Give a Boost to Your Salesforce Training in Chennai with Enhanced Documentation

The ultimate goal of a good Salesforce training program is to educate the participants to successfully perform a specific task so that the management need not handle their work. This way, the senior management need not involve in the sales activities as that will be handled by the sales people. Of course, the executive management will have several other important tasks to handle apart from the sales activities. It might be very tough for them to focus on every aspect of the business from the scratch. They can just go through the prospects of each business, and this is the reason they have appointed individual teams to handle the other tasks. Also, it has to be understood by the management that effective Salesforce training in Chennai will not happen overnight. After the training company completes its task, the sales managers or other leaders should take charge to keep the sales team representatives updated with what they need to do. This should be done on a regular basis to deploy the skills that they have acquired into practice. This has to be done until the new members of the sales team get to know what they should do. This is where the Salesforce documentation comes into existence.

How to achieve effective Salesforce training?

In case you want to execute a process perfectly on your own, you need to do the process on a repetitive basis. Basically, repetition is the key to effective training. This means that one-time Salesforce training will not bring about drastic changes in the business until and unless it is repeated on a regular basis and brushed up for the sales people frequently. Also, to do so, the management or representatives cannot spend all their time with the sales people to improve their skills as it not practical.

Give Reference to Representatives

As the management cannot focus on training the sales people all the time, it is recommended to create a Salesforce documentation that will provide the sales team with the reference apart from the management. This will be of great help when they execute a process each time. Great documentation can show the team what they should, what is necessary, etc. without involving the leaders all the time.

What the Salesforce Documentation Should Include?

The word documentation will immediately think of a PDF one as it is the standard one to write user guides and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Actually, documentation is something more than words and it includes the following.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Screencasts
  • Image annotations
  • Animations

Documentation is anything that can teach a concept or the workflow can be recorded and reused. You can make your own Salesforce training documentation website that has easy to navigate contents to aid the job of the sales people. In fact, it is easy and quick to register and know what to do when the information is conveyed in the above mentioned ways besides text. Reading a long text containing the instructions or steps could be quite tedious, and it might lose its purpose.

How to Create Effective Documentation?

There are three main principles that you need to follow to make effective Salesforce documentation. Well, these are mentioned below.

  • Make it based on the task
  • Use many pictures for easy understanding
  • Make it easy to access

Once you do these three, you will observe that the documentation will be easy to create as you will write more, and the readers will think is more helpful and refer to it more often. The Salesforce training in Chennai focuses a lot on the documentation process.

Make it based on the task

Do not document the screens and menus, but only the tasks. No one opens the documentation with the purpose to learn what the screen, menus, and buttons do. They just want to know what they have to do to get the campaign done in a successful manner. They will also know how to run a report accurately so that they can render what the sales manager wants.

Use many pictures for easy understanding

A screenshot can easily explain what the person has to do, and so using such images is the easiest way to communicate to the participants. Using a screenshot is easy to read and understand and also to write the document. It will beat what the job aids as it does not require punctuation, grammar, and words. There are several tools available in online to take screenshots and use them. You just have to spend a little to take screenshots using these applications or tools.

Make it easy to access

Even if the documentation is impressive and amazing, it will not be referred by anyone if it is too tough to find and interpret what it contains. You need to remove the barriers that are faced while creating the documentation to make it useful for the Salesforce team.

To conclude, you need to have the right set of tools and the right framework to create effective and awesome Salesforce documentation. The Salesforce training in Chennai deals with the same.

Tips to Find Sales Force Training Center in Chennai


Are you searching for sale force training center in Chennai? Do you want to know about the leading sales force training in Chennai? If your answers are yes to these questions, then you have landed the right page. Most of the people confuse where and how to study the sales force administrator or sales cloud consultant courses. Well, we will give you some tips on how to find the sales force training in Chennai.

Reference: If you know your friends or relatives recently completed any of the salesforce courses, then you can ask them about the leading and top training centers. The salesforce training center provide various courses like sales force advanced administrator course, sales force certified administrator course, sales force service cloud assistant course, sales force advanced developer course, and sales force cloud consultant course. You need to check which training center provides the best courses and how long they take to complete a program.

Internet: It is the best source where you can research and gain lot of idea about the courses, study materials, live projects, hands on training and latest job training programs. When you type your requirement in the search engine and start to search, you will get a list of training centers available in Chennai. It is necessary to check the trainer’s experience and how long they have been providing solutions in the industry. They have to provide certificates at the end of the course. The exam has to be conducted in a formal and regular manner. The trainers should have real time knowledge and experience. They have to update the students with latest tools and technology used in the business. If you are planning to provide training for your sales team, then you need to research and find the best training center. The trainer has to know your business requirements, objectives and goals and should provide training to your employees accordingly.


Website: When you visit the sales force training center website, you will get a clear idea about their training, study materials and time taken to complete the course. If you have any doubts or comments, you need to contact the center directly. Some reputed training center provides online and direct training for the students. The online training is highly beneficial for the employees. The employees could learn at their convenience and implement the skills in their real time job. You have to read the reviews and comments to ensure whether the training program is worth. Some training centers will leave or stop the course in half way. Therefore, it is best to check whether there are experienced trainers and the training center has good reputation in the industry.

Types of training: The salesforce company adopts innovative training and teaching methods for the students. It helps the learners to adopt and make use of the knowledge in the best manner.

Role based training: The training program has to be designed according to the job role of the candidate. It has to be modified to cater each role. For instance, if the managers are provided training, the program has to focus demonstrating them the uses of the tools and methods to get information they need from the tool. This way, the managers would get to know and differentiate between useful reports and less useful reports. Moreover, they will to know to run the reports.

Hands on training: It is one of the best methods for better interaction and concentration on the subject. Some trainees will feel bored to listen and watch videos. The students will be provided a workstation and they should practice whatever taught in the class. This way, they could learn better by practicing and doing in real time.