An Insight Into The Funding For Police Forces And Their Impact On Efficiency

Expenditure for the Police Department has risen by £4.8 thousand and 77 per cent (39 percent in real terms) since 1997.

Facing slower financing expansion and real cash deficits within their costs, the Police Service should adopt innovative techniques which create efficiency and output gains. They need to provide good quality service towards the public.

A significant change in efficiency required to match this problem will only be achieved when the police service makes successful and successful usage of people, unions and its engineering and entirely embraces successful resource management.

financehomeThe financing function has an important role to perform in addressing these difficulties and encouraging Forces’ aims effectively and financially.


Police Forces have a tendency to nurture a retail and divisional tradition.

To be able to reduce expenditure, boost efficiency and offset against the risk of “topdown” required, centrally-driven projects and induce change Police Forces have to create a corporate office .

Developing a Best in Class Finance Function

Usually funds within the Police Forces give focus to just minimal support for administration data and business decision support on transactional processing. Having a renewed emphasis on priorities, an urgent need for financial reforms is currently required.

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