About Us

Hi friends! Welcome to my website. I work as a blogger. My favourite niches are business, finance and legal. I have covered variety of topics but I enjoy writing my favourite niches. I was working as a freelance writer. Writing is my passion. I decided to take up writing and blogging as my full-time profession. Whenever I have time or not busy, I would start to write according to the client’s requirement. In my website, I have covered different topics. Hope you find my articles interesting and useful. I have lot of plans for my website.

I did my MBA in Finance. After my college, I worked as a lecturer. I was not satisfied with my work. I wished to do something different and unique. I started my take up my writing skill on serious note. I have three kids. I remain busy most times in my home. When my kids were under five years, I had a tough time to manage my work and family. Now, they have grown up and I can develop my talents and skills.

Do you know the reason why I have selected to write on finance niche for my website? I have seen many people without much knowledge about legal rights and laws. They do not know how to balance their incomes and expenses. My website will guide them indirectly to reach their business goals. I can even provide ideas and suggest easy investment option for my readers. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please contact me via mail or social networking site.